27 November 2018 – Martins Omorogie awarded ACU Fellowship

Congratulation to Dr. Martins Omorigie from Redeemer’s University, Nigeria for securing an ACU Blue Charter Fellowship to join our lab in December.

1 October 2018 – Welcome Michael and Max!

Michel Allan starts his PhD on an EPSRC studentship.
Max Kutter joins as an Erasmus+ fellow for his Master’s project.

6 September 2018 – Plastics paper goes viral!

Our paper on hydrogen from plastics is featured on BBC and Chemistry World.

23 August 2018 – Paper in Energy & Environmental Science accepted

Read our work on solar-driven hydrogen generation from waste plastics (link to paper).

12 May 2018 – Paper in Chemistry – A European Journal accepted

Read our work on oxygen-tolerant hydrogen generation (link to paper).

26 March 2018 – GC up and running

Our brand new Shimadzu GC was installed in the lab. Time to make some hydrogen!

20180322_110712    20180328_133106

12 March 2018 – Welcome Max!

Maximilian Kutter from Freie Universität Berlin joins the Kuehnel Lab as Erasmus+ fellow.

24 January 2018 – Paper in Chemical Science accepted

Read our latest work on photocatalytic CO2 reduction using Ni(cyclam) and ZnSe quantum dots (link to paper).

8 December 2017 – Paper in Angewandte Chemie accepted

Read our review on photocatalytic hydrogen production from biomass (link to paper).

15 November 2017 – Getting started

See our shiny lab and office space in the new Chemistry Department.

20171117_124534.jpg   20171117_124812.jpg

20171115_130401.jpg   20171115_131209.jpg

Our Solar Light Simulator has arrived from the US!

SLS in crate