30 November 2021 – Moritz speaks about green hydrogen

Watch moritz talk about green hydrogen at Technical University Munich (link to recording).

5 November 2021 – Welsh goverment funding awarded

The Kuehnel Lab is awarded funding from the Welsh Government to collaborate with Nick Kornienko‘s and Dominic Rochefort‘s labs at University of Montreal within the Quebec-Wales joint call for projects.


10 September 2021 – Michael presents at SFN meeting and wins a prize for his talk

Congrats to Michael for being awarded the Journal of Materials Chemistry A prize for his presentation at the 9th Solar Fuels Symposium!

prize 2 (2)

31 August 2021 – Paper in Energy & Environmental Science accepted

solvent O2 tolerance schematic

Read Michael’s paper on making H2 generation oxygen tolerant through desinging tailored solvents with low O2 diffusivity (link to paper).

9 August 2021 – Video about our Pakistan collaborative work online

9 July 2021 – British Council funding awarded

Kuehnel Lab is awarded funding within the Reasearcher Links Workshop Grants programme to undertake joint research with Lahore University of Management Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University and University of the Punjab aiming to tackle the energy transition in Pakistan (read coverage of the workshop by British Council and The Express Tribune).

15 June 2021 – Green methanol project in Leuna

Moritz’s H2 technologies group at Fraunhofer IMWS starts a project at the Hydrogen Lab Leuna with TotalEnergies, Sunfire and Fraunhofer CBP on turning waste CO2 and green hydrogen into clean methanol on an industrial scale (Press release).


19 May 2021 – Moritz on Deutschlandradio Kultur

Listen to Moritz speaking about Hydrogen in Saxony-Anhalt (in German).

26 April 2021 – Paper in Sustainable Energy & Fuels accepted


Read our collaborative work with the Pitchaimuthu group on combining photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution with wastewater treatment (link to paper).

19 February 2021 – Paper in Advanced Powder Technology accepted

Cover image Advanced Powder TechnologyRead Martins’s paper on turning waste biomass into a functional material (link to paper).

8 January 2021 – HEFCW Funding awarded


Shopping time! – Kuehnel lab is awarded funding from the HEFCW – UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF) to build up World Class Lab infrastructure.

22 December 2020 – Our work featured on BBC

Screenshot 2020-12-22 18.45.37

1 December 2020 – Moritz appointed at Fraunhofer IMWS

Moritz takes up a part-time post as group leader for hydrogen technologies at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems.

23 November 2020 – Our research features in The Chemical Engineer

6 November 2020 – Michael awarded Global Wales Funding

global wales logo

Congratulations to Michael for receiving a Global Wales Research Mobility grant from Universities Wales to work with our collaborators at Grenoble. 

8 October 2020 – Kuehnel Lab awarded Welsh Government Funding

ser cymru

Kuehnel Lab is awarded funding within the Sêr Cymru – Tackling COVID-19 Call to generate hydrogen from COVID waste (press release).

25 September 2020 – Moritz talks on Radio Swindon

Listen to Glynis Hales’ show The Birds and Bees on Radio Swindon 105.5 where Moritz talks about making hydrogen from plastic waste.

11 August 2020 – Back to work!


The Kuehnel Lab re-opens under strict hygiene measures and with reduced capacity after almost 5 months of coronavirus shutdown.

1 July 2020 – Paper in Chem accepted

Read our work on stabilising sensitive radicals in air (link to paper).

26 March 2020 – Kuehnel Lab donates chemicals for the manufacture of hand sanitiser

18 March 2020 – University shutdown due to Covid-19

Swansea University has suspended all face-to-face teaching and closed all labs and offices. We are all working in home office now – but in lieu of a home lab we have shut down all research activity until further notice.

coronavirus hero
Image courtesey of Johns Hopkins University

6 March 2020 – Warm-up for next week’s staff vs. students match


1 March 2020 – Moritz promoted to Senior Lecturer

Moritz is now officially as old as he feels – and tenured.

19 February 2020 – Michael presents his work

Michael talks about his PhD project at the departmental seminar and gets some tricky questions. Well done!


5 February 2020 – Moritz among top ACIE reviewers

Moritz is among the top 5% of reviewers for Angewandte Chemie in terms of number of reports completed. There is a good chance he might review your next paper!


30 January 2020 – Swansea Research and Innovation Awards

Moritz is shortlisted for the Swansea University Research and Innovation Award in the Rising Star category. Congratulations to the winner Dr Jenny Baker!

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29 January 2020 – Welcome Morgan

Morgan McKee starts his 3rd year research project on photocatalytic dye degradation. Good luck!


20 January 2020 – Michael in Bath

Michael visits Frank Marken’s lab to get proper electrochemistry training. Many thanks to Frank and his group!


14 January 2020 – Don’t Waste Waste!

Thanks to Dr Sultan Al-Salem and the British Council for organising the Joint Workshop on Plastic-to-Fuel Recovery held at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.


9 January 2020 – Saleh passes his Master’s viva

Congratulations to Saleh Alofi for working very hard to become the first graduate of the new Chemistry Department at Swansea University – well done! Many thanks to the examiners Dr. Caroline Knapp and Dr. James Ryan, to the chair Prof. Owen Guy and to Taibah University for generously funding Saleh!


7 January 2020 – Avisek wins Newton-Bhaba placement

Congratulations to Avisek Dutta who will join us in May from IACS Kolkata on a Newton-Bhaba PhD placement.


8 December 2019 – Electrochemistry Workshop in India

Many thanks to Mark Symes and Muhammed Musthafa for organising the Newton-Bhabha UK-India Researcher Links Workshop on New Electrochemical Technologies for Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals and Industrial Processes in Pune. Many thanks to the Newton-Bhaba Fund for funding this event!


27 November 2019 – PhD opportunity

We are looking for a talented PhD candidate to join the Kuehnel Lab via Swansea University’s SURES scholarship programme. Details here. Contact Moritz if you are interested.

21 November 2019 – Paper in ACS Catalysis

Read our work on the impact of supramolecular chemistry on electrochemical CO2 reduction (link to paper).

21 October 2019 – GCRF funding awarded!

The Kuehnel Lab successfully receives funding from the Global Challenges Research Fund to undertake a joint project with Dr Omorogie at Redeemer’s University, Nigeria on locally produced photocatalysts.

GCRF logo

5 September 2019 – French connection

Moritz meets with collaborators at Université Grenoble Alpes as part of the Swansea-Grenoble strategic partnership.


16 August 2019 – Bye César

Farewell to César before he returns to Paris after his internship – we will miss you!


29 July 2019 – Check out our new kit

Thanks to eBay and Alibaba, we now have another Newport solar simulator and a custom-made quartz water bath.

20190726_154056    20190726_154431

26 July 2019 – Watch César’s video

9 July 2019 – Steve wins ACU Blue Charter Fellowship!

Congratulations to Dr Steven Barrow from RMIT Melbourne who will join the lab in early 2020 to combat marine plastic pollution.

23 June 2019 – Kuehnel Lab goes the extra mile

Michael and Moritz successfully run the Swansea Half Marathon. Not everyone is happy with the rankings. Is there going to be a rematch, soon?


4 June 2019 – Congratulations Max!

Max Kutter passes his Master’s viva at Freie Universität Berlin – making him the first Kuehnel Lab graduate!

3 June 2019 – Welcome César!

César Feniou joins the lab as a summer intern from ENS Paris Saclay.

31 May 2019 – And … action!

Russian channel “Science” are shooting a report on our plastics work.


1 April 2019 – Paper in Nature Catalysis accepted

Read our work on photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction using Co(terpy) on p-Si (link to paper).

27 February 2019 – Welcome Ryan!

Ryan O’Neill joins the lab as a joint PhD student with Dan Eastwood (Biosciences) on an EPSRC studentship.

12 February 2019 – New glove box

Our Saffron glove box was installed, thanks to EPSRC (EP/S017925/1).

4 February 2019 – Paper in Angewandte Chemie accepted

Read our work on ZnSe nanorods for solar-driven hydrogen generation (link to paper).

16 January 2019 – Welcome Saleh!

Saleh Alofi starts as a Master’s student.

14 January 2019 – Welcome Martins!

Dr. Martins Omorogie joins the lab as a visiting academic from Redeemer’s University.

11 December 2018 – Moritz live on BBC Radio


27 November 2018 – Martins Omorogie awarded ACU Fellowship

Congratulation to Dr. Martins Omorogie from Redeemer’s University, Nigeria for securing an ACU Blue Charter Fellowship to join our lab.

1 October 2018 – Welcome Michael and Max!

Michael Allan starts his PhD on an EPSRC studentship.

Max Kutter returns as an Erasmus+ fellow for his Master’s project.

6 September 2018 – Plastics paper goes viral!

Our paper on hydrogen from plastics is featured on BBC and Chemistry World.

23 August 2018 – Paper in Energy & Environmental Science accepted

Read our work on solar-driven hydrogen generation from waste plastics (link to paper).

12 May 2018 – Paper in Chemistry – A European Journal accepted

Read our work on oxygen-tolerant hydrogen generation (link to paper).

26 March 2018 – GC up and running

Our brand new Shimadzu GC was installed in the lab. Time to make some hydrogen!

20180322_110712    20180328_133106

12 March 2018 – Welcome Max!

Maximilian Kutter from Freie Universität Berlin joins the Kuehnel Lab as Erasmus+ fellow.

24 January 2018 – Paper in Chemical Science accepted

Read our latest work on photocatalytic CO2 reduction using Ni(cyclam) and ZnSe quantum dots (link to paper).

8 December 2017 – Paper in Angewandte Chemie accepted

Read our review on photocatalytic hydrogen production from biomass (link to paper).

15 November 2017 – Getting started

See our shiny lab and office space in the new Chemistry Department.

20171117_124534.jpg   20171117_124812.jpg

20171115_130401.jpg   20171115_131209.jpg

Our Solar Light Simulator has arrived from the US!SLS in crate